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The intimacy is felt in various shades: nocturnal, breaking dawn, full light and the setting sun.

An amniotic air, in dilated time, is the custodian of an encounter between identities that have known each other forever, but which, every time they come together, offer a profound revelation; restless souls, we know, are drawn together throughout time and space, to generate something new.

Everything is suspended in an ambience of distorted guitars which merge in the intense darkness of the bass, while incisive drums free the tension. What emerges is a confluence of Noise and Post Punk, 90s Indie Rock and Post Rock.

The trio enhances the authenticity of this sound, bringing back the memory of that which has been lost by the contemporary music scene: that is, that visceral bond between the act creator and the live instrumental performance; an act of poetic truth, which the group makes incarnate on stage, through the voices of Fabio Cubisino and Alessia Praticò: masculine and feminine, navigating between the dark and the light of the lyrics, which, together with the emotional impact of the sound, create a landscape made up of shades of intimacy; a different place, where you breathe that semi-darkness which belongs to everyone, because it is an innate idea, a universal form of thought.

These are Less Than a Cube:
Fabio Cubisino, vocals and guitar;
Alessandro Mautino, drums;
Alessia Praticò, vocals and bass.

This Italian band, based in Turin, released its first self-titled album in March 2016, on which there are 9 pieces, with guest performances by other artists, including Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator, Faust).

Less Than a Cube are currently in the studio producing a new album, which will see the light in 2018.

by Corinna Conci

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